Thole Fabrication and Welding, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of a Tracker 5x10 CNC Plasma Cutting System to our already strong line-up of fabrication and welding equipment.  This heavy-duty computer-driven machine cuts through 1 1/2 inch steel like butter and performs perfect repetitive patterns for custom and decorative metal products, such as stairways, doors, and fences.  It's also great for brackets, lift hooks and other automotive and industrial requirements.  If you can dream it, chances are this machine and our experienced staff can make it!  

Latzer Library railings

Thole Fabrication and Welding, Inc., uses the state-of-the-art Miller Welding and Baileigh Industrial Equipment to provide you, our customer, with the best fabrication and welding services available.  Our 20+ years of experience means you get your job done fast and efficiently the first time.  We are open 7-4 Monday through Friday.

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