newsWe are now offering metal art!  

In addition to our fabrication and welding services, ornamental handrails and metal sales, we are now offering a variety of custom metal artwork with thousands of designs to choose from. We can create weather vanes (with interchangeable tops for the seasons), rooftop weather vanes, mailbox toppers, lawn art, ornamental address plates and signs, etc. The possibilities are endless. Stop in today and look through our design books. Thole Fabrication & Welding, Inc. 12516 Sportsman Road, Highland, 651-0793.  Click here to see some of many ideas.  


Thole Fabrication and Welding, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality fabrication, alteration, and product installation using the latest technology in metal cutting and precision tooling.  Whether your metal needs are

At your site welding

Commercial construction - pipebending, anchor plates to stairs 

Agricultural - plows to mowers 

Household - flashing to fencing or 

Racing - bumpers to roll cages

Thole Fabrication and Welding, Inc. is the business for you.  Our services cover the gamut.  We can cut, form or weld to size any steel and non-ferrous materials.  No job is too big or too small!  Our customers receive the highest quality materials and workmanship at lowest competitive cost.  Metal product is in stock and additional product can be obtained in 24 hours.

We put our name on everything we do!

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